The preliminary program of the 10th Odours and Air Emissions Conference 2024, taking place in the city of Hobart, Australia, on 25-28 August 2024, is already published. This 10th IWA Odour Conference is co-hosted by The Clean Air Society of Australia and Zealand (CASANZ) and the International Water Association (IWA), and presented in conjunction with the 27th CASANZ International Clean Air and Environment Conference.

   The conference will be held on August 26-28, with a workshop on the 25th featuring 7 international speakers, including the editor of this website. Have a look at the preliminary program for this Conference.

   We would like to announce a change of dates for the next Odora2024 Conference on Odour Management in the Environment, initially scheduled for 12-13 November 2024 at the BEC, Barakaldo (Spain), will finally be held at the same location on 5-6 November, just one week earlier.

   Given that there is still a long way to go, we hope that this will not cause any inconvenience for anyone interested in attending the event, and we will continue to maintain the other deadlines and key dates for this event.

   The 5th edition of the Montreal Air & Odour Symposium (SAOM2024) will take place on the 23rd and 24th of October 2024 at the Pavillon des Sciences of the Université du Québec à Montréal. If you speak a bit of French, this will be a very interesting event to attend.

   The Montreal Air & Odour Symposium aims to create an ideal setting for professionals in odour science, air quality, and atmospheric sciences to come together. This event fosters an environment conducive to the exchange of ideas and insights into olfactory pollution, air quality dynamics, and the broader implications of climate change.


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