Ecomondo Conference in Rimini: Exploring Odorous Emissions and Advanced Control Strategies

   The upcoming "Ecomondo" conference is set to take place in Rimini, Italy. The conference is scheduled for Tuesday, 7th November, and will run from 14:00 to 17:30. Once again, this conference will include a special session on ""Odour Emissions: from Abatement Technologies to New Control Strategies".

   This event provides an excellent opportunity to explore advancements and discuss crucial topics in the field of Environmental Monitoring & Control. Professionals, experts, and environmental enthusiasts will convene to share knowledge and experiences in the pursuit of sustainable and effective solutions for the protection and conservation of our environment.

   The "Ecomondo" conference in Rimini, Italy, features a captivating session titled "Odorous Emissions: from Abatement Technologies to New Control Strategies," which will explore various aspects of odour emissions and strategies for their control. The session is scheduled for Tuesday, 7th November in the Malatesta - Environmental Monitoring zone in pavilion D8.

   The programme for this session is as follows:

14:00-14:10: Introduction by Gianluigi de Gennaro from the University of Bari Aldo Moro and Francesco Matteucci, EIC Programme Manager for advanced materials for energy & environmental sustainability.

14:10-17:30: The session will include several presentations addressing crucial topics related to odorous emissions, from the activity of the thematic network on odours of the Sistema Nazionale a rete per la Protezione dell'Ambiente (SNPA) to the chemical analysis of odorous impacts.

Highlighted presentations include:

  • The activity carried out by the thematic network on odours of the National Network for Environmental Protection (SNPA) by Lucia Muto, ISPRA.
  • Guidelines for the application of Article 272-bis of Legislative Decree 152/2006 regarding odorous emissions from plants and activities by Fabio Romeo, convenor of the Coordination Committee DLg s 155/2010 – Technical Subgroup on Odorous Emissions, Ministry of the Environment and Energy Safety.
  • An innovative approach to trace the origin of olfactory disturbances using the SMART meteorological-dispersive modelling system. by S. Trini Castelli, CNR-ISAC, Torino, G. Tinarelli, ARIANET Srl, P. Bonasoni, CNR-ISAC, Bologna
  • Assessment of the odour emission flow from an active area source: methodological in-depth analysis by F. Tag liaferri, M. Invernizzi, S. Sironi, Politecnico di Milano.
  •  Chemical-olfactometric evaluation for the optimization of odour control measures: case study in a liquid waste treatment plant by M. Invernizzi, E. Polvara, Politecnico di Milano, D. Daddi, L. Palli, D. Fibbi, G.I.D.A. SPA
  • Implementation of a system based on IOMS for the real-time measurement of odour concentration at a WTP fenceline: focus on compensation of humidity and performance verification by comparison with dynamic olfactometry by C. Ratti, B. J. Lotesoriere, C. Bax, L. Capelli, Politecnico di Milano
  • On-field training of IOMS for monitoring and measuring odour abatement efficiency. by F. Cang ialosi, Tecnolog ia e Ambiente Srl, A. Fornaro, Lab Service Analytica Srl
  • Health of olfactometric workers: probabilistic approach for risk assessment by E. Polvara, M. Invernizzi, S. Sironi, Politecnico di Milano, A. Cattaneo, D.M. Cavallo, A. Spinazzè, Università deg li Studi dell’Insubria

  This is a snapshot of some of the presentations, but there are many other interesting presentations in this session, specially dedicated to odour managers.

The session will conclude with a poster session and a discussion, providing participants with an opportunity to further explore these topics and share ideas on addressing the challenges in the characterisation and control of odorous emissions.

   This is a nice opportunity to stay tuned in odour management, but mind that most of the presentations are in Italian language, so better prepare your dictionary if you are not keen on this language.

   More info about this conference here:

   The program of this session (in Italian) may be downloaded here.

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